KOPAR at Newton

With a significant price advantage in land cost, CELH Development (a unit of Chip Eng Seng Corporation) looks set to make this new condo at Newton one of the best buys in 2020.


Despite being one of the long-standing prime districts in Singapore, Newton has often been overlooked by homebuyers and investors. However, the launch of KOPAR at Newton condominium has breathed new life into the precinct.

Interestingly, It’s been a while since we’ve last seen a brand new full-fledged condominium being developed within the area.

Over the last decade, the non-landed residential projects developed were mainly small, boutique apartments – each with no more than 100 units. The biggest one to-date was Pullman Residences Newton – a freehold apartment that comprises a total of 340 units.

Hence, for home buyers and investors who’ve been on the lookout for brand new private homes within the Newton precinct, KOPAR at Newton condo will present itself as a rare opportunity.

Kopar at Newton Kampong Java

If you were to look at the high-level specifications or marketing messages, this new condo is located just within a short walk away from Newton MRT station and prices start from only $2,100+ psf.

By looking at these “selling points”, it’s already attractive enough to draw any property buyer who has been active in the market and doing their research.

Honestly, simply refer to prices transacted at other 99-year new launch projects such as Avenue South Residence, Fourth Avenue Residences, or even Rivière. They may not be in the same district, but they do serve as excellent reference points.

So, is KOPAR at Newton really a good buy? Or is it just pure hype that developers and marketing agents are creating? Let’s take a look.

Oh, you may wish to refer to my earlier news post on the Kampong Java GLS tender result. It will give you a better picture when I go into the price analysis.

KOPAR at Newton Project Overview

Before we go into in-depth specifics and details of the development, here’s an overview of KOPAR at Newton project information.

Project Name KOPAR at Newton
Address 6 Makeway Avenue Singapore 228606
8 Makeway Avenue Singapore 228607
Type Residential
Developer Chip Eng Seng Corporation
ADDP Architects
Tenure 99-year Leasehold from 22 April 2019
Site area 350,917 sq ft
Total number of units 378
Total number of carpark lots 378 (excluding 4 lots for handicap)
Number of blocks 2
Number of storey 23-storey
Expected TOP date End 2023

KOPAR at Newton Developer

The developer of Kopar at Newton is CEL Development Pte Ltd. It is a subsidiary firm of Singapore’s public-listed company, Chip Eng Seng Corporation Ltd.

Established since the 1960s, Chip Eng Seng Corporation started as a subcontractor in the building industry for mainly landed homes.

With the firm’s competitive price points and quality construction works, it began to take on the role of being a main contractor and took on numerous real estate projects via its development and investment arm, CEL Development.

Since the 1990s, CEL Development has established itself as one of the fastest growing property developers in Singapore and has completed a wide variety of housing projects in Singapore. From public housing, to private residential, to commercial developments.

Some of these prominent projects include CityVista Residences, High Park Residences, Alexandra Central, The Parc Condominium, and My Manhattan, etc.

CityVista Residences at Peck Hay Road by CEL
CityVista Residences at Peck Hay Road – completed in 2010

Being relatively active in the current property market, CEL Development also has some ongoing new launch projects (including those under Chip Eng Seng Corporation. They are Park Colonial, Parc Komo, Grandeur Park Residences, and Fulcrum.

In addition, other than Singapore, CEL Development is also heavily involved in oversea markets such as Australia and Vietnam.

Kopar at Newton Location

Kopar at Newton is located along Makeway Avenue and Kampong Java Road.

However, this new launch in District 9 of Singapore will have its address as Makeway Avenue, and that’s where the main entrance to the condominium will be.

Kopar at Newton Location

And no, the district isn’t a typo error.

Despite being located within the Newton precinct that is commonly known as District 11, Kopar at Newton is being zoned under the postal District 9 instead.

But honestly, the district is not really the main draw or something that prospects would really consider when it comes to the location of Kopar at Newton. I would say it’s just a bonus because it really doesn’t matter too much whether it’s in District 9 or 11 when it’s already located within the prime districts of Singapore.

I believe the following highlights of the Kopar at Newton location means more than anything else.

Within a short walking distance to Newton MRT station

When it comes to location, being close to an MRT station has always been the top priority for every prospective homebuyers or investors.

Hence, you will be happy to know that Kopar at Newton is just a mere 5 to 6 minutes’ walk away to Newton MRT station.

Once you get on the train at Newton MRT station, commuting to city & downtown locations such as Orchard Road and Marina Bay will only take you 30 minutes or even less.

In addition, Newton MRT station is also an interchange station between the North-South MRT line and the Downtown MRT line.

Therefore, not only do you have seamless access to the northern and southern parts of Singapore, you will also enjoy direct connectivity to the north-western and eastern regions as well.

Close proximity to shopping malls and other amenities

Despite located within a private residential enclave, Kopar at Newton is still located relatively close to a few shopping malls and amenities within the precinct.

The closest shopping mall to Kopar at Newton would be United Square shopping mall. It is approximately 700 metres away and should take you around 9 minutes or less to walk there.

Kopar at Newton near United Square shopping mall
United Square shopping mall

Within the mall, you will find some of the biggest retail and F&B outlets in Singapore. There is also a Cold Storage supermarket to fulfil your daily necessities and getting your grocery shopping done.

On top of that, the mall has been widely known for having some of the most renowned enrichment centres for kids. Hence, this would be the perfect spot for parents who seek some form of convenience when sending their children for such classes.

For quick dinner fixes, you will be glad to know that the Newton Food Centre is literally right across the road from Kopar at Newton. It’s where you can find some of the most delightful local delicacies in Singapore.

Frankly, It may not be the most affordable local food in town, but you can’t really put a price on hunger, can you?

Within 1 km to ACS Junior and SJI Junior

As parents of school-going children, it’s exceptionally important to consider whether there are any good schools within close proximity to your home – especially in Singapore.

If you’re one of those parents, the good news is that Kopar at Newton is located within 1 kilometre to both Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) and St Joseph’s Institution Junior.

But on the other hand, the bad news would be that these 2 schools are boys-only.

Hence, other primary school options (which are still within the 2-km radius) will be the likes of Singapore Chinese Girls’ Primary School, St. Margaret’s Primary School, and Farrer Park Primary School.

As for parents who are looking out for pre-schools, the Etonhouse Pre-school and the Pat’s Schoolhouse Buckley are both just within the precinct as well.

Kopar at Newton Condo Facilities

The Kopar at Newton condo facilities are designed with 3 aspects or themes in mind. They are social, wellness, and life.

They are curated by both the developer and architect’s intention to present different lifestyle experiences within this new launch condo at Newton.

STELLA – Social

Starting with the centrepiece of this condominium would be the grand clubhouse named Stella. Its generous amount of space being offered here is really being designed to impress.

Together with the luxurious touches and exquisite features, it would be the perfect location to host a gathering or party for your close friends or invited guests.

Kopar at Newton Condo Clubhouse

Be it indoors or outdoors, the Stella will consist of the Connoisseur. It is where you can engage your own personal chef to serve up a sumptuous meal at a cosy event for friends or a family.

In addition, guests and friends can adjourned to The Sommelier and The Courtyard. It is the perfect way to sum the night by savouring over a bottle of vintage wine and enjoy the rest of the evening.

And all of these are just part of the “Social” offerings within the condo development.

AURA – Wellness

Calming landscapes and serenity of flowing water will certainly help one’s mind to ease and relax.

Hence, the “Wellness” facilities within Kopar at Newton consists of a hot spa and cold spa; a micro-bubble spa, and a hydrotherapy pool.

Kopar at Newton Condo Hydotherapy Pool

Furthermore, there is also a Nail Salon and a Massage Room. As a resident, you could possibly engage your own pedicurist or masseur for some private relaxation within the Zen garden.

Spend a lovely evening indulging in one of these facilities should help you to feel recharged and rejuvenated.

VITA – Life

The term “Vita” probably says it all. It refers to those who seek an active lifestyle within their residential complex.

As theme “Life” suggests, Kopar at Newton condo will consist a conventional communal swimming pool and a nature-themed trail. It allows residents to really take a big step back from their daily hustle and bustle, and focus on their body & soul.

Kopar at Newton Facilities

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One thing that I really liked was the beautiful landscaping and waterscapes that are within the development.

Living in a concrete jungle like Singapore, sometimes it’s nice to spend some time taking a stroll through the greens and experience a little bit of nature.

Kopar at Newton Floor Plan and Unit Types

The new launch at Newton comprises a total of 378 units, across 2 residential blocks.

There is a wide variety of typical unit types, from 1-bedroom (517 sqft) to 5-bedroom Luxury (1,819 sqft). Moreover, there are also penthouses within the development from a 3-Bedroom Deluxe penthouse (1,346 sqft) to Premier penthouse (2,863 sqft)

Here are the Kopar at Newton floor plans for each unit type.

  • 1-Bedroom (517 sqft)
  • 2-Bedroom Classic (614 sqft)
  • 2-Bedroom Deluxe (689 sqft)
  • 3-Bedroom Classic (915 to 958 sqft)
  • 3-Bedroom Deluxe (1,055 to 1,098 sqft)
  • 4-Bedroom Deluxe (1,518 to 1,604 sqft)
  • 5-Bedroom Luxury (1,819 sqft)
  • 3-Bedroom Deluxe Penthouse (1,346 to 1,367 sqft)
  • 4-Bedroom Deluxe Penthouse (1,722 sqft)
  • Premier Penthouse (2,637 to 2,863 sqft)

Kopar at Newton Showflat Location

The Kopar at Newton showflat is located right next to the actual site of the development, along Kampong Java Road.

Kopar at Newton Showflat Location

As of now, the opening hours of the Kopar at Newton showflat has yet to be confirmed. And at the time of writing this review, the showflat is closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, if you are interested to view the showflat, please drop me a note using the form below or send me a Whatsapp message. I’ll be able to give you with an update for this project.

Kopar at Newton Price Guide

The following table gives you a quick overview of the Kopar at Newton price indication for each unit type (as of 13 April 2020).

Unit Type Size Starting Price ($) PSF$
1-Bedroom 517 sqft $1.242M $2,402
2-Bedroom Classic 614 sqft $1.447M $2,357
2-Bedroom Deluxe 689 sqft $1.548M $2,246
3-Bedroom Classic 915 to 958 sqft $1.98M $2,164
3-Bedroom Deluxe 1,055 to 1,098 sqft $2.24M $2,123
4-Bedroom Deluxe 1,518 to 1,604 sqft $3.411M $2,232
5-Bedroom Luxury 1,819 sqft $3.973M $2,184
3-Bedroom Deluxe Penthouse 1,346 to 1,367 sqft $3.68M $2,734
4-Bedroom Deluxe Penthouse 1,722 sqft $4.68M $2,718
Premier Penthouse 2,637 to 2,863 sqft $7.48M $2,836

However, please take note that the price guide above is subjected to further changes and discounts (if there are any).

Thus, do feel free to use the form below or send me a Whatsapp message to find out more about the updated Kopar at Newton price and unit availability.

Kopar at Newton Review

So before the details and pricing of KOPAR at Newton was officially announced, I really did feel like there is a “hole” within the private residential projects in the precinct.

What do I mean by that?

Being the best of both worlds

First of all, look at the private homes being built around KOPAR at Newton. Especially those which were completed over the last 10 years.

You will notice that they are either large-scale condominiums with really huge homes (like 2,000 sqft for a 4-bedder) or boutique projects that comprises mainly 1 or 2-bedroom units with sizes no more than 800 sqft.

Here’s the problem in the precinct. When homebuyers want to buy something newer and big enough (like a 3 or 4-bedder) for the family in Newton, they are mostly limited by the amount of choices or being put off by the hefty price tag.

Let’s take Trilight condominium for example. It was completed in 2012 and a typical 3-bedroom unit there has a total floor area of around 2,100 sqft.

The price? Approximately $3.8 to $3.9 million for those transacted in 2019.

Frankly, that’s beyond the reach of most homebuyers, and even if they can pay, they would rather opt for a landed property (for Singapore citizens) even if the location is not as convenient.

What about investors who are going for smaller unit types? They are usually limited to smaller scale projects and apartments. Most of them don’t have impressive facilities and more often or not, they are rarely well-maintained in the long run.

As you can see, the area doesn’t really have a private residential project that caters to both demographic of buyers. And here’s where KOPAR at Newton presents itself as an attractive proposition to both homebuyers and investors. It has literally addressed the above problems.

And this leads us to the next question – at what price?

A relatively competitive and attractive price point

Now, I shall let the numbers do the talking.

Here’s a quick apple-to-apple comparison with some of the other existing new launch projects which are either within the central region or close to the city center.

Project Tenure District Planning Area Average PSF*
Avenue South Residence 99-Year 3 Bukit Merah $2,014
One Pearl Bank 99-Year 3 Outram $2,469
Riviere 99-Year 3 Singapore River $2,773
Fourth Avenue Residences 99-Year 10 Bukit Timah $2,340
One Holland Village Residences 99-Year 10 Queenstown $2,685
KOPAR at Newton 99-Year 9 Novena $2,254
*based on transactions between 15 Dec 2019 – 14 May 2020

For something located in District 9, the price point of KOPAR at Newton does look really attractive when you compare it to the rest.

And if I were to put it up against every single new launch right now (the point when this article was written) within the prime districts 9, 10, and 11, you will see that it is in fact the lowest priced development.

New Launch Name District Average Transacted Price
3 Cuscaden 10   3,581
Cuscaden Reserve 10   3,523
8 Hullet 9   3,433
The Avenir 9   3,310
Dalvey Haus 10   3,228
120 Grange 10   3,158
One Draycott 10   3,042
Van Holland 10   2,970
Pullman Residences Newton 11   2,961
Haus on Handy 9   2,875
The Hyde 10   2,868
Sloane Residences 10   2,864
Petit Jervois 10   2,846
RoyalGreen 10   2,743
15 Holland Hill 10   2,692
One Holland Village Residences 10   2,685
Leedon Green 10   2,679
The Iveria 9   2,643
Martin Modern 9   2,640
Neu At Novena 11   2,618
Wilshire Residences 10   2,533
35 Gilstead 11   2,501
Dunearn 386 11   2,479
Fourth Avenue Residences 10   2,340
Fyve Derbyshire 11   2,331
KOPAR At Newton 9   2,254

Hence, KOPAR at Newton does seem like a no-brainer if you are psf-sensitive.

Okay, now the bad stuff.

Peak hour traffic along Newton Circus and Bukit Timah Road

When the government land sale of this 99-year leasehold site along Kampong Java Road was announced, I couldn’t help but think which developer would be daring enough to bid for this site?

If you’ve been driving for a long time in Singapore, you will know how hectic the traffic along Newton Circus can be, especially during peak hours.

And for a residential project to be located just next to it, that would simply mean residents having to endure noise pollution all day long.

True enough, the tender result only received 7 bids in total, which may have reflected the cautious sentiments among property developers.

In addition, none of the usual big-name developers, such as City Developments, CapitaLand, GuocoLand, and UOL Group were involved in the tender.

Looking at the site plan of KOPAR at Newton, you will see that around 50 percent of the units within the entire development are facing Bukit Timah Road, in the direction of Newton Circus.

But I do believe the project’s architect has probably explored the best ways to mitigate this problem.

So if you are really interested in KOPAR at Newton, do try to make a decision quick while you still get to choose units with a much better facing.

Questionable price appreciation

Again, I would like to show you some numbers here.

The following table shows you a list of prominent projects within the Newton precinct and how much have owners made or lost from buying directly the developer during the first 2 years of launch.

Project Tenure Launched Profitable Deals Average Profit Margin Non-Profitable Deals Average Loss Margin
Trilight Freehold 2009 34 14% 7 4%
Lincoln Residences Freehold 2008 21 40% 0 0%
Rochelle at Newton 99-Year 2009 42 34% 0 0%
Newton Edge Freehold 2008 54 33% 0 0%
Parc Centennial Freehold 2008 20 21% 0 0%

It’s pretty obvious that if you’ve bought a unit in any of these projects during launch before 2010, you could have easily made up to 40 percent profit on average, based on the purchase price.

However, things became very different for those projects which were launched after 2010.

Project Tenure Launched Profitable Deals Average Profit Margin Non-Profitable Deals Average Loss Margin
Suites At Newton Freehold 2011 0 0% 6 12%
Gilstead Two Freehold 2010 7 3% 13 6%
26 Newton Freehold 2012 0 0% 0 0%
Lincoln Suites Freehold 2009 29 11% 2 11%

As you can see, profit margins have reduced tremendously, with some owners even making losses up to 12 percent on average.

If you are a homebuyer or investor looking at future capital gains, this certainly looks worrying.

Final Word

First and foremost, the pricing of KOPAR at Newton is really attractive. It has the lowest entry price into one of Singapore’s prime residential districts and there’s really a lot to like about this development.

I would say KOPAR at Newton is sort of like a “general-purpose’ development and it’s certainly exciting for a lot of prospective homebuyers and investors.

It has offered something of a hybrid between the condo types that we used to see before and after 2010. So whether you are buying something for own use or investing for rental income, you will definitely find a unit type that suits your requirement.

In addition, it is also just minutes’ walk away to Newton MRT station and within 1 km to ACS Junior School – making this development a clear winner among its competitors.

However, it’s not perfect (duh).

I am really not a big fan of noise, especially from expressways or an arterial road. But this is just me and I am sure some of you out there don’t really mind.

Furthermore, the future price appreciation doesn’t look promising. Based on the numbers above, there’s a good chance that you won’t be making much in the future and there seems to be more to lose than to gain.

Overall, from a construction, location and pricing standpoint, KOPAR at Newton absolutely delivers.

If you are just looking for entry into a prime district at a lower PSF, with a good location and for your own use, then this is the development for you. Otherwise, you might want to open up to other options.


  • Location
  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value
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