Dairy Farm Residences

The first residential development launched for sale since 2013 within the Dairy Farm precinct.


“Where’s Dairy Farm Residences?”

This has been the most common response I’ve received from my friends & clients whenever I bring up this new launch property to them.

And whenever I point it out on the map, they would say it’s so ‘ulu’ (meaning remoted, deserted with little human traffic).

The reason is that the location is barely unheard of or less popular among prospective homebuyers.

More often or not, they would make reference to the Hillview residential precinct that is just next to it.

Otherwise, It’s probably more familiar to locals who drive or enjoy some outdoor trekking by the nature.

Dairy Farm Residences Condo New Launch

Hence, buying a new launch property like Dairy Farm Residences can be a daunting prospect for anyone – especially for those who are looking to get started, sourcing for their first property.

So what does Dairy Farm Residences condo has to offer? Is it a good buy in today’s property market?

As always, let us dive into the details and numbers. Let’s find out if this new launch at Dairy Farm is worth considering.

Dairy Farm Residences Project Overview

Here’s a quick project overview of Dairy Farm Residences.

Project Name Dairy Farm Residences
Address Dairy Farm Lane
Type Residential with Comercial at 1st Storey
Developer UE Engineers.Ltd
Tenure 99-year Leasehold
Site area 211,487.84 sq ft
Total number of units 460
Total number of carpark lots 517 (460 lots for residential, 57 lots for retail)
Number of blocks 4
Number of storey 2 blocks (5-storey), 2 blocks (15-storey)
Expected TOP date End February 2024

The Developer

The developer of Dairy Farm Residences is UE Engineers Ltd.

The group was established in 1912 and its businesses span across various industries all over Asia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Australia.

They include real estate, manufacturing, engineering, distribution, and technology in agriculture.

In the new millennium, UE Engineers Ltd’s real estate business has developed a number of residential and commercial buildings in Singapore.

For instance, developments such as The Rochester (mixed residential and commercial) within the one-north area, and Eight Riversuites (a condominium along Whampoa East).

Eight Riversuites by developer UE Engineers Lrd
Eight Riversuites

The developer also owns and manages several commercial buildings in Singapore, such as UE BizHub, UE Square, and Rochester Mall.

In 2017, the group sold a big bulk of their shares to Yanlord and Perennial – making them major shareholders of the company.

However, in February 2020, Yanlord Land Group Ltd acquired all the shares under Yanlord and Perennial.

As a result. this move will enable UE Engineers to leverage its wealth of experience in the property development field for future growth.

Do note that Yanlord Land Group also has an ongoing residential project known as Leedon Green, located within the Holland area.


Dairy Farm Residences is located along Dairy Farm Lane, within District 23 of Singapore.

In addition, It is directly opposite the German European School Singapore (GESS).
Dairy Farm Residences Location

From the location map above, you can easily see why most people would think that this new launch at Dairy Farm is ‘ulu’.

But the fact is, this is just one of 7 subzones of the Bukit Panjang housing estate.

Furthermore, over the last 2 decades, there’s been tons of transformation and improvements made to the estate.

Hence, being a resident of Dairy Farm Residences, you will definitely appreciate them.

Walking distance to Hillview MRT Station

Convenience and accessibility is probably that top priority for most homebuyers or even investors.

The closest MRT station to Dairy Farm Residences is Hillview MRT station (DT3). It is situated along the Downtown MRT Line (DTL) of Singapore.

The station is approximately 900 metres away, which should take around 10 minutes to walk.

Along the DTL, there are several interchange stations that allow commuters to switch to every other train line on the train network seamlessly.

Hillview MRT Downtown Line

Hence, heading down to the places of interest or the core downtown of Singapore would require no more than a 30-minute train ride.

For instance, Botanic Gardens is just 5 stops away; Orchard just 9 stops.

Within close proximity to various malls

It’s being confirmed that Dairy Farm Residences will comprise commercial spaces and a supermarket at the 1st storey of the development.

Hence, you do not need to go out too far to get your groceries or a quick-fix dinner.

However, as mentioned earlier, Bukit Panjang is a rather sizeable housing estate.

It has a good mixture of old and new public housing, and private residential developments (both landed and non-landed).

Like all other similar housing estates in Singapore of such scale, you will definitely find one or two ‘heartland’ malls within them.

The Bukit Panjang Plaza is one of the most established malls in Bukit Panjang. It is located within the central area of the estate.

Bukit Panjang Plaza
Bukit Panjang Plaza

Diagonally across, you will find Hillion Mall. It is a relatively new mall in Bukit Panjang which was opened back in February 2017.

You will find various well-known retail brands, restaurants, and supermarkets within these 2 malls.

There are many reasons to visit these 2 malls if you’re living at Dairy Farm Residences. Above all, it helps to fulfil your daily necessities and grocery needs.

A spot for nature lovers

We all know Singapore is practically a concrete jungle.

However, unlike some of the biggest cities in the world, Singapore has made effort to carry out programmes that are designed to conserve nature.

While most parks or gardens are man-made, there are only 4 nature reserves in Singapore.

One of them is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

Hence, for nature lovers, it would be a big plus point living at Dairy Farm Residences.

The Dairy Farm Nature Park is virtually just next to the development, which will lead you to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve,

Dairy Farm Nature Park
Dairy Farm Nature Park. Image source: 1step1footprint.com

In short, if you are the sort who loves to spend a day of nature with yourself or your family, the location of this condominium would be more than ideal.

Dairy Farm Residences Floor Plan and Unit Types

Dairy Farm Residences has a total of 460 residential units, across 4 blocks.

There is a variety of unit types, from 2-Bedroom to 4-Bedroom for prospects to choose from. It is expected to TOP by February 2024.

Site Plan
Site Plan

Here is the Dairy Farm Residences floor plan for each unit type:

  • 2-Bedroom
  • 3-Bedroom
  • 4-Bedroom
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Showflat Location

The Dairy Farm Residences showflat is located on Dairy Farm Walk, just right opposite the actual site of the development.

The opening hours of the showflat are from 10 am to 7 pm daily. However, it may be subjected to changes.

Due to the COVID-19 situation (as of 15 December 2021), it’s mandatory for all prospective buyers to schedule a viewing appointment.

Hence, if you are interested to view this development, do drop me a note using the form below or contact me via WhatsApp at (+65) 9786-3707 for inquires.

Anyway, here are some photos of the showflat.

Dairy Farm Residences Price Guide

Here’s a quick guide of the Dairy Farm Residences price indication for each unit type (as of 15 December 2021).

Unit Type Size Starting Pricing PSF Price
2-Bedroom 710 – 732  sq ft $1.194 million $1,656
2-Bedroom + Study 764 – 775 sq ft $1.269 million $1,638
3-Bedroom 958 – 1,141 sq ft $1.515 million $1,582

However, please note that the above prices will be subjected to changes.

So feel free to reach out to me for the latest price guide.

Dairy Farm Residences Review

Buying a property, as the saying goes, is always about the location.

Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the location of Dairy Farm Residences is a big turn-off for most homebuyers or investors.

Homebuyers will be mostly concerned about the number of amenities and schools nearby, while investors will be thinking about the potential upside and rentability.

Personally, I’ve been living in the city fringe region for almost my entire life.

Most of my friends/relatives are living either in the north or northeast region.

And honestly, even I wouldn’t have considered Dairy Farm Residences (just by looking at its location).

Hence, if you’re not already living within the northwest region of Singapore, it’s a good chance that you may actually overlook this new launch at Dairy Farm.

However, there’s also another saying.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

So let’s look at this from a neutral standpoint.

A real ideal but not so “convenient” home?

For own stay, there’s really nothing much to complain about for Dairy Farm Residences.

First of all, the layouts are really functional and efficient, and you can hardly find any wastage by looking at the floor plans.

One important thing to note is Dairy Farm Residences do not have any studio or 1-bedroom units.

Therefore, you can easily see the demography of the residents living within this development. They will likely be just couples and small to big families.

Secondly, I really love the idea of having retail shops or F&B just right beneath my residential complex.

For Dairy Farm Residences, there’s even a supermarket.

Commercial shops at Dairy Farm Residences

Although there are malls within the vicinity, still nothing beats getting some food and groceries literally right at your doorstep.

If I have to be nit-picky, I feel that the only downside is that Hillview MRT station is quite a distance away from the condominium.

But then again, units would be selling at a higher price point and this is not like the only project in Singapore that is not near an MRT station.

In addition, it won’t be a big concern if you happen to have your own motor vehicle.

A ‘hidden’ gem for investors

I am not trying to imply that Dairy Farm Residences is the best investment property.

But at the time of writing this review (15 December 2021), this new launch at Dairy Farm has presented itself as a great opportunity for investment.

One of the main reasons is that another land parcel at Dairy Farm Walk has been put up for sale via tender by the government.

Dairy Farm Walk GLS article

There’s a good chance that this plot of land will be sold between $900 – $1,000 psf ppr.

That would be approximately 10 to 20 percent more than what UE Engineers Ltd forked out for their plot.

So how is this going to benefit you as an investor?

Let me keep things short and simple here.

If the winning bid for the Dairy Farm Walk GLS (government land sale) turns out to be higher, there’s a good chance that UE Engineers Ltd will start raising prices for whatever remaining units that’s available for sale in Dairy Farm Residences.

Therefore, as an early entrant (even at this point when prices haven’t really increased much since launch day), you will enjoy an instant paper gain.

You can see from the following price trend for Dairy Farm Residences.

Prices haven’t really fluctuated much since it was launched back in November 2019.

Price Trend of Dairy Farm Residences
Price Trend of Dairy Farm Residences since launch

Based on my experience in the new launch property segment over the last decade, it’s very common for developers to do this.

There are still other existing factors that could trigger this behavior. However, I don’t wish to bore you with all facts and figures.

If you’re really interested to know, feel free to reach out to me.

It’s only paper gain. But you really cash it out for profits in the future?

It would be totally unethical of me to tell you that you can sure make money by investing in Dairy Farm Residences.

If you have read my previous reviews for other new launch condos, you will know that I am into statistics and numbers.

In addition, I also believe in the law of supply and demand.

We all know that if the demand is healthy, prices will naturally hold strong or move upwards.

Here’s how some of the newer completed condominiums are “performing” and the profits that these owners were able to generate.

As you can see, the demand is pretty healthy and almost every month there are resale units being sold at these 2 projects.

Most importantly, units are being sold at a profit.

Final word

Dairy Farm Residences may not be located at a place that appeals to the masses, it doesn’t mean that it has no value of any sort.

As a private residential development, I really like how it’s being designed and how good the spaces are.

Specifically, if you were to look at the site plan, you can see that the communal facilities are being segregated away from the residences.

This way, you won’t have to endure those weekend rowdiness and worry about noise. This is really good work from the architect.

In addition, having a supermarket on the 1st floor is a big plus point for me, personally.

Apart from the inconvenience of public transportation, I really can’t find much fault with this development.

For Dairy Farm Residences, if you can really look past its location and focus on the lifestyle or potential upside it can offer, then this is really one development that you can really consider.

Worth considering
  • Location
  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value

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