Grand Dunman

It's expected to house around 1,008 private homes and it's just a short-walk away to Dakota MRT station.


It’s been more than 10 years since a brand-new, “proper” condominium development launched in the area around Old Airport Road.

I’m very excited about the opening of Grand Dunman because this area is near and dear to my heart.

Even though I don’t live in the area, this is where I went to school and spent most of my teen years.

Generally, Grand Dunman looks set to be the biggest private residential development in the area. It will be built on the former old site of Broadrick Secondary School.

Not only that, but it will also be the largest condominium project built in District 15 in the last decade.

Grand Dunman Condo Sungei GeylangIf you know this area well enough, you will know that Waterbank at Dakota and Dakota Residences were the last condominiums to be completed.

They were both completed in 2013 and 2010 respectively.

Hence, it’s highly likely that there’s a huge pent-up demand for new private homes in the area.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Grand Dunman will be the most talked-about new launch condo in 2023. Because of where it is and how close it is to an MRT station and several good schools.

But what really surprised me was that only 2 property developers were bidding for this piece of land back in 2022.

Also, they were SingHaiyi Group and a group of three companies led by City Developments Ltd.

The Dunman Road GLS site was eventually sold to SingHaiyi Group, whose bid of $1.284 billion was the highest. That was around 20 per cent more than what CDL had bid.

So, is there something wrong with the site? Do developers think they won’t be able to sell the units quickly enough? Should buyers or people who want to invest be worried?

Although, I’m sure that the main reason you’re reading this is to find out if Grand Dunman is a good buy and what the project’s pros and cons are.

So, let’s get started.

Grand Dunman Project Overview

Before diving deeper into the intricacies of this new launch condo, here is some background on Grand Dunman.

Project Name Grand Dunman
Address Dunman Road
Type Residential
Developer SingHaiYi Group and CSC Land
Tenure 99-year Leasehold
Site area 271,622 sq ft
Total number of units 1,008
Total number of parking lots 1,009
Number of blocks 7
Number of storey 18
Expected TOP date End 2027

The Developer

Grand Dunman is being developed by SingHaiyi Group, based in Singapore.

To dispel a common misconception, Sing Haiyi is actually a wholly Singaporean enterprise.

Despite, being a considerably new entrant to Singapore’s real estate scene, SingHaiyi Group has been widely recognised as a reputable real estate development and investment firm locally.

It was all down to the firm’s unwavering dedication to both excellence and innovation.

SingHaiyi Group is mostly active in both the residential and commercial market segments with cutting-edge creations that adapt to their changing requirements.

SingHaiyi Parc Clematis condo
Parc Clematis by SingHaiyi Group

Since its founding in 2008, SingHaiYi Group’s portfolio of remarkable projects has garnered numerous awards for its design, construction, and overall excellence.

Despite Pasir Ris One DBSS, the company’s first and, mercifully, only public relations disaster in 2015. Additionally, it has consistently proved over the years that it can build innovative, sustainable, and high-quality environments. That please a wide range of stakeholders, from high-end residential buildings to commercial properties to serviced apartments.

SingHaiyi Group has become one of Singapore’s most reputable real estate companies thanks to its dedication to providing excellent service and products.

Furthermore, some of their most well-received recent private residential projects include Parc Clematis, The Gazania, The Lilium, and The Vales (executive condominium).


Grand Dunman is located in Singapore’s District 15 along the Dunman Road stretch.

It is directly across from the former Guillemard camp and adjacent to the Dakota MRT station.

Dunman Grand Condo Location URAAs you can see, the neighbourhood has more landed homes than high-rise residential buildings.

As a result, this precinct has a lower population density than the rest of District 15. The vast majority of them in this area are all landed properties.

Furthermore, Grand Dunman is significantly closer to Dakota MRT station than its neighbouring new launch condo projects that went on sale earlier this year.

What excites me the most is the latest URA Master Plan.

Take a look at it, and you’ll notice that there’s more to come in the nearby Geylang precinct.

And we all know what happens to home prices when there is more residential development.

Meanwhile, let’s take a look at what the location has to offer right now.

Literally right next to Dakota MRT station

This has to be the most significant and noticeable advantage of living at Grand Dunman condo.

In fact, this is most likely at the top of most homebuyers’ or investors’ checklists when purchasing a residential property.

Basically, the Dakota MRT station is literally 2 – 3 minutes away from Grand Dunman (even for slow walkers).

Circle MRT Line closing the loop
The Dakota MRT station (CC8) is located on Singapore’s Circle MRT line.

That is, you will have direct and seamless access to the city centre or key commercial areas.

For example, you’ll be able to reach the Central Business District (CBD) in 4 to 5 stops.

In other words, the ride on the train will take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Another important business district nearby is the Paya Lebar Business District. And it’s only one MRT stop away.

Within 1-km radius of Kong Hwa School

This would undoubtedly be the most important consideration for many parents with school-age children.

Grand Dunman is within a one-kilometre radius of Kong Hwa School, which is highly regarded by parents.

Kong Hwa School near Grand Dunman condo
Kong Hwa School

Furthermore, It is widely recognised as one of the top primary schools in Singapore.

Hence, homebuyers who intend to send their children there will benefit from this.

That is to say, if they purchased a unit at Grand Dunman, their kids would have priority for enrollment.

Other prestigious educational institutions nearby include Tanjong Katong Primary School, Chung Cheng High School (Main), Tanjong Katong Girls’ School, Dunman High School, and the Canadian International School.

Wide range of amenities in the area

Grand Dunman condo, nestled within a tranquil residential enclave, boasts a truly enviable location. This is further complemented by a plethora of amenities that cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its residents.

The PLQ Mall stands out as a vibrant retail hub that provides a seamless shopping experience among the area’s notable shopping destinations.

PLQ Mall at Paya Lebar near Grand Dunman condo
PLQ Mall

Further, It is only one train stop away from Dakota MRT station.

Furthermore, residents of Grand Dunman condo will be spoilt for choice when it comes to satisfying their retail cravings. thanks to its extensive selection of high-end fashion boutiques, trendy lifestyle stores, and well-curated specialty shops.

In addition, Parkway Parade is just a short bus ride away.

Moreover, it features a blend of renowned international brands, popular local retailers, and a myriad of dining options to tantalize your taste buds.

With a focus on sports-related merchandise, gear, and equipment, Kallang Wave Shopping Mall provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience for sports enthusiasts and active individuals.

When it comes to eating, Grand Dunman condo residents will have a lot of options.

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Further, explore neighbouring Tanjong Katong Road for a treasure trove of gastronomic delights, from quaint cafes serving aromatic brews and delectable pastries to charming bistros serving a fusion of international cuisines.

On top of that, the nearby Old Airport Road also entices with its bustling hawker centre, where a plethora of local food stalls tantalise the senses with their aromatic flavours and mouthwatering delicacies.

Grand Dunman Condo Design

Because of its great location, it was clear that the architect had made great use of the low-rise housing estate.

Grand Dunman Condo Riverside FacadeMoreover, as a high-rise building, Grand Dunman is able to give its residents unobstructed views of their surroundings. This is one of the things that makes it stand out.

Grand Dunman Unblocked Views

However, residents facing the south would have unobstructed views of the sea and East Coast Park, according to the developer.

On the other hand, residents facing north would enjoy panoramic city views because much of the area is made up of buildings no taller than 8 stories.

The abundance and variety of amenities are important factors to consider when looking for the perfect home or investment property.

AYou can be confident that this new condo near Dakota MRT station, will not disappoint.

The Grand Dunman condo also offers an impressive array of amenities designed with the residents’ well-being and sense of community in mind.

Moreover, consider the expansive 50-metre lap pool, which is ideal for those looking for a refreshing swim.

Grand Dunman Condo Facilities PoolFurthermore, two pool-equipped function rooms, two clubhouses, and a cutting-edge gymnasium provide ample space for social gatherings, events, and fitness enthusiasts.

Moreover, dining and relaxing pavilions are thoughtfully incorporated into the design to enhance relaxation and enjoyment, allowing residents to unwind in style.

Furthermore, in response to the need for sustainable transportation, the condominium includes 88 parking lots dedicated to electric vehicles (EVs). With convenient charging facilities and a focus on environmentally friendly commuting options.

Floor Plans and Unit Types

Grand Dunman has 1,008 units spread across 7 residential blocks.

Also, each residential block is 18 stories tall.

Grand Dunman Site PlanIn addition, here are the Grand Dunman floor plans and a breakdown of the unit types available within the condominium.

  • 1-Bedroom
  • 1-Bedroom + Study
  • 2-Bedroom
  • 2-Bedroom Dual Key
  • 2-Bedroom + Study
  • 3-Bedroom
  • 3-Bedroom Dual Key
  • 3-Bedroom Flex
  • 3-Bedroom + Study (Luxury)
  • 4-Bedroom
  • 4-Bedroom (Luxury)
  • 5-Bedroom (Luxury)
  • Penthouse

Grand Dunman Showflat Location

The showflat is located opposite 105 Eunos Avenue 3, Singapore 409836 (Hafary building).

Also, you will find it pretty impressive as it showcases 4 different unit types for prospective buyers to view.

They are:

  • 2-Bedroom + Study (775 sqft)
  • 3-Bedroom +. Study (1119 sqft)
  • 4-Bedroom (1432 sqft)
  • 5-Bedroom (2131 sqft)

Furthermore, as for the opening hours, it’s likely to be from 11 am – 7 pm daily. If you would like to view the showflat, you could reach me using the form below or send me a Whatsapp message.

Your support will be greatly appreciated!

Grand Dunman Review

As a former Chung Cheng High School student, the Old Airport Road precinct holds a special place in my heart, evoking fond memories.

When it comes to Grand Dunman, I must admit that it excels in many areas and provides almost everything that homebuyers and investors want in today’s real estate market.

In addition to being in the Rest of the Central Region (RCR), one of its main advantages is its close proximity to the Dakota MRT station. This feature also makes it extremely convenient for residents.

Furthermore, it is within a 1-kilometre radius of Kong Hwa School, which is likely to pique the interest of parents with school-aged children.

Furthermore, given these characteristics, I am confident that Grand Dunman will be met with great enthusiasm by property buyers. Additionally, I anticipate a strong initial sales performance!

But is it selling at a fair price?

However, it’s important to consider the pricing of Grand Dunman. And the “right” price for this development is a crucial factor to assess.

Let’s compare the prices of new and old projects in the area to get a better understanding of the market.

As you can see, the price range for similar unit types in Grand Dunman remains quite similar even when compared to resale units in Waterbank at Dakota or Dakota Residences.

While these resale units may be larger, they come at a cost in terms of land tenure, which is typically 10 to 15 years shorter.

In addition, buying an older condo unit may necessitate additional restoration or renovation work.

Now, let’s contrast Grand Dunman with two other condo projects that debuted earlier this year: Tembusu Grand and The Continuum.

However, Grand Dunman’s pricing, in my opinion, is fairly balanced between these two developments.

Let’s take a closer look at Tembusu Grand, another 99-year leasehold project in the same precinct.

Grand Dunman Proximity to Dakota CondosBased on this reference point, I believe Grand Dunman justifies its expected price. Because of its superior location, proximity to the MRT station, and within 1-km to Kong Hwa School.

Surely there’s something bad about Grand Dunman?

As with my previous reviews, I strive to provide an unbiased assessment of new condo developments, and Grand Dunman is no exception.

Perhaps it’s because the developer, SingHaiYi, left a lasting impression on me with their previous project, Parc Clematis. Also, I had high hopes that they would deliver a comparable or even better condominium development this time.

Despite this, I was somewhat let down.

Moreover, looking at the site plan, it is clear that the units and residential blocks are laid out in such a way that the number of residential units on this plot of land is maximised.

Additionally, the entire layout appears to be quite compact, with little communal space designated for residents.

Furthermore, after closely inspecting the floor plans, only the layouts of the 3-bedroom Flex and larger unit types appear more conventional and impressive.

The design of the other unit types, on the other hand, feels lacking and may leave buyers dissatisfied.

Also, take a look at this typical 3-bedroom floor plan to see what I mean.

Grand Dunman Excessive Space

Additionally, this particular unit is a 958-square-foot (Luxury) 3-bedroom unit.

Moreover, In my opinion, certain areas of this unit, highlighted in red, are inefficiently designed, resulting in a sense of wasted space.

Assuming that’s 20 square feet of wasted space and the per square foot (psf) price is at least $2,300, you have just spent $46,000 on space that you can’t really use.

Basically, given the assumption of 20 square feet of wasted space and a conservative psf price of $2,300. So, you have essentially spent $46,000 for space that provides little functional use or value.

Final word

Despite my reservations about the Grand Dunman’s interiors and unit layouts, I still believe it is a worthwhile investment in today’s real estate market, owing primarily to its exceptional location attributes.

It’s worth noting that no new condos have been built in the area in the last decade, and transaction volume for resale homes has remained consistently high.

Furthermore, this demonstrates the high demand for private homes and explains the rising price trend within the precinct.

While the interior and unit layout did not leave an indelible impression on me, it is important to note that personal preferences can vary greatly in this regard.

Talk of the town!
  • Location
  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value

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