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Be touched with elegance! Be thrilled with a very cozy life! Be allured with a dwelling that keeps you in luxury while you’re in and gives you everything at the shortest distance while you’re out! Be at home with The Orient!


Be touched with Elegance!

The Orient at Pasir Panjang is a condominium dwelling with 52 high-class apartment units located at 251 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118610. Each unit has a dual key feature that spaciously stands strategically in the five-story blocks. Each Unit has been designed with full functional layout. It is free from bay windows. Branded appliances are attractively situated in each unit as to provide clients with good and sound facilities. Array of choices await you as the developers, Aurum Land Pte Ltd, gives you the following: 1 bedroom: 4 units, 2 bedrooms: 36 units, 3 bedrooms: 3 units, 3 bedroom penthouse: 8 units, and 4 bedroom penthouse, 1 unit. Whatever you choose, whatever you need, rest assured The Orient is designed to give you the touch of good life and fine living. It’s furnished with class and fashion to exhibit the best quality. It is also wrapped with elegance and erudition as its exterior and interior floor plan and presentations are very well-thought of to achieve global lifestyle.

Be thrilled with a very cozy life!

No amount of words can express the feeling when you get into the Orient. A well-arranged home set that sets the living room and the adjacent dining room coupled with its necessities and features are exceptionally captivating. The dining room that is perfect for dinner dates and social gatherings and the very distinctive space that can make you feel life at its best are indeed in The Orient.

Be allured with the complete amenities!

What else would you need if all amenities have been taken right into your neighborhood? Truly, the orient rises in the midst of various wonderful destinations where you can quench yourself with infinite relaxation and entertainment. Resorts World Sentosa, where you can experience the best sea sport events and activities, is just nearby. West coast Park, Kent Ridge Park and West Coast Plaza that offer the best recreational packages are right in the vicinity. If you wish for a more natural escapade without being distant, you can visit Mount Faber Cable Car to take you to various world touches. If you wish to have modish amusement, you can visit Vivo City and Universal Studios. The most excellent scenic spots are just a poke away!

If total convenience is what you have been looking for, then your long search is over. The Orient gives you easy access that makes you closer to the most essential spots of the daily living. What adds to the Orient’s practical reasons to top your wish list is its proximity to universities and businesses. National University of Singapore, which is ranked consistently as one of the world’s top universities, is just of short drive. Thus, it can provide you quality education at the shortest distance. Businesses such as One-north Park, Mapletree Business Center, and Science Park2 are situated nearest you.


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The Haw Par Villa MRT Station is just a three-minute walk away. Being close to Singapore’s railway system means intimacy to everything that Singapore offers. Plus, drivers are well-linked via major expressways and highway, such as the Ayer Rajah Expressway and the West Coast Highway. This gives you the best possible experience and will make your stay in Singapore much more memorable and totally trouble- free.’


Be at Home!

It is but The Orient’s desire to not only give their clients a spacious and a comfortable zone to live in. Instead, it stands with the pursuit of making their clients feel at home. The Orient makes sure that each of their guest feels safe and protected while staying in their domicile. The Orient is well-guarded. It is well-managed by people who are always at your service anytime their guests have needs and queries. It makes sure that an Orient-stay is a home-stay.

Be with a reasonable rate!

It is extremely delightful to note that what you wish for is what you get. A dream condominium may seem very unbelievable to purchase without causing a treasure but with The Orient, what you pay for becomes reasonable. Your expense is assured to have observable service and offers. With The Orient, quality products pay the price.

This could be your best investment.  There is a huge rental demand from expatriates working at Science Park and MapleTree Business Centre etc, and students from the nearby National University of Singapore, National University Hospital, and other fine Japanese schools. This very detail makes your purchase worthwhile by escalating the return on your investment a thousand folds.

Be with The Orient!

As The Orient values their clients, it has been very flexible to what their guests demand. For years of service, The Orient takes its pride that each of their guests has been satisfied with all their amenities and has given all ideal feedbacks. It is only with The Orient that life and living is served at its finest. It is only with The Orient that guests feel the ambiance and the lure that they can call their own. It is only with The Orient that a cosmopolitan life is atop. It is only with The Orient where one gets it all. Be with the best, be with the Orient.
**Above information quoted are all approximate & are subjects to changes.

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