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It’s been a while that we’ve featured a luxury property in District 10. 38 Jervois is the latest new launch property which really caught our eye, and we thought we should share this with our readers.

When being asked where is the most prestigious private residential estate in Singapore, we often make District 10 our number 1 choice – which includes the addresses of Nassim, Tanglin, Ardmore, Chatsworth, Bishopsgate and Jervois.

38 Jervois Condo Aerial View
38 Jervois – Freehold apartment with 27 exclusive units

If you have been in the property scene for a long time, you will know that having a residential home address in any of these locations – being printed on your identity card, puts more glow on you than that any of that fancy Ferrari or multiple collectors’ timepieces of Patek Philippe which you own.

Over the last couple of years, various new launches (especially the ones in the Redhill precinct in District 3) have been heavily leveraging on its close proximity to one of the most prestigious residential enclave in Singapore – Jervois. And some even have the audacity to price their property at a premium, which is totally absurd.

So here comes 38 Jervois. It’s probably not the largest or most extravagant real estate in the precinct, but it certainly comes with an amazing value and is going to be unlikely that you will find anything else which can offer you the same gains for your existing property portfolio.

Let’s take a look at what 38 Jervois has to offer.

38 Jervois Developer

Prominent Land, a local developer who started crafting landed homes in Singapore and 38 Jervois will be their maiden non-landed residential project.

Despite being their first, you can expect similar standards being delivered at 38 Jervois as they have previously done for their landed property projects at Dunbar Walk.

38 Jervois Developer Prominent Land
One of Prominent Land’s landed homes project at Dunbar Walk

With their vision in creating dream homes by balancing form & functionality, and envisioning paradise in the finest details, you can be confident that you won’t be shortchanged – in terms of the quality.

38 Jervois Location

38 Jervois is secluded within the beautiful & peaceful surroundings of Jervois region – one of the most distinguished landed property enclaves in Singapore. It is where residents at 38 Jervois will be associated with the “crème de la crème” in the real estate market.

The location of 38 Jervois is circumscribed by a large number of highly affluent figures who resides in some of these posh landed homes within the area, which are mainly at the nearby Bishopsgate and Chatsworth precincts.

38 Jervois Location

In fact, the main draw of 38 Jervois location would its ability to provide residents the peace and serenity they need in their own homes, and yet being just minutes’ away from one of the city’s main attraction – the Orchard shopping belt, where you will find a wide variety of F&B, entertainment, and retail options.

Within its immediate precinct area, residents at 38 Jervois are just minutes’ walk (along the Alexandra Canal) away to Valley Point shopping centre, Great World City shopping mall and the upcoming Great World MRT Station (part of the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line).

Living within 38 Jervois

Seriously, what’s luxury without some privacy? That’s possibly one of the reasons why the rich & famous in Singapore would mostly live in landed homes as they understand the importance of having exclusive personal living spaces.

If you are into condos or apartments, this is something really rare these days. Sharing a pool with 100, 200 or even up to 500 or more of your neighbours – certainly not the best way to enjoy some “me time”.

38 Jervois New Launch Facilities Pool

38 Jervois is certainly not built to welcome big families with kids. Instead, it would make a perfect haven for the yuppies and successful individuals who are still looking to explore their dreams and drive towards their career goals.

As this is not expected to be a rowdy family-orientated apartment, residents at 38 Jervois are able to sit by the pool and relax while they reflect on their hard day’s work.

On top of that, 38 Jervois provides all the essential facilities such as BBQ pits, a well-equipped gymnasium, and a private roof terrace, allowing residents to at least organize some social events during their free time.

38 Jervois Floor Plan and Unit Types

Expected to complete by early 2020, 38 Jervois consists of only 27 exclusive units – ranging between a 1-bedroom to a 3-bedroom unit, including 6 penthouses as well.

With sizes from 474  to 1,098 square feet (sq ft), the apartments are designed with incredibly flexible layouts, giving homeowners the ability to create comfortable corners and the intelligent dimensional configurations allow a small-scale event to be hosted at their residence within 38 Jervois.

The following are the 38 Jervois floor plan and unit types (with size range):

  • 1-Bedroom (474 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 1-Bedroom 474

  • 2-Bedroom (646 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 2-Bedroom 646

  • 3-Bedroom (818 to 915 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 3-Bedroom 818

  • 1-Bedroom Penthouse (700 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 1-Bedroom Penthouse 700

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  • 2-Bedroom Penthouse (904 to 1184 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 2-Bedroom Penthouse 904

  • 2-Bedroom + Study Penthouse (1098 sq ft)

38 Jervois Floor Plan 2-Bedroom Study Penthouse 1098

38 Jervois Price Indication

Here’s an indication of 38 Jervois price guide for each unit type:

  • 1-Bedroom from S$1.11 million
  • 2-Bedroom from S$1.52 million
  • 3-Bedroom from S$1.87 million
  • 1-Bedroom Penthouse at S$1.57 million
  • 2-Bedroom Penthouse at S$2.15 million
  • 2-Bedroom + Study Penthouse from S$2.48 million

38 Jervois showflat location

There isn’t a showflat for 38 Jervois as of now. However, there is a sales gallery at Eng Watt Street, where you can have look at the model and gather more information on this project.

38 Jervois Road Condo Loft Design

Either that, you can just give us a call at (+65) 6631-8384 and we’ll definitely help with your inquiries.

38 Jervois Review

Honestly speaking, 38 Jervois is probably not the most glamorous new launch project around, but if you look at the numbers, everything will make perfect sense. So here we go with our 38 Jervois review.

Value for money and for the long run

First of all, there aren’t many non-landed private residential projects within the Jervois estate. The latest being Mon Jervois, which is a 109-unit condo – completed in 2016. Frankly, it’s a nice development but the 99-year leasehold tenure is perhaps the deal-breaker for most.

These days, it really doesn’t matter that much whether a property is freehold or leasehold. But in our opinion, it’s pretty obvious why it will be a major concern for prospects who were looking at Mon Jervois. Check out the table below, which lists some of the most noticeable non-landed private residential projects within the Jervois estate.

Jervois Regency 2003 39 Freehold
Jervois Lodge 1997 108 Freehold
Jervois Gardens 1998 14 Freehold
Jervois View 1986 Unknown Freehold
Jervois Mansions 1985 32 Freehold
One Jervois 2009 275 Freehold
Mon Jervois 2016 109 99-year

Given the fact that the area is filled with mostly freehold projects, it would already put buyers at Mon Jervois in an almost unfavorable position.

Looking at the map, 38 Jervois is situated just opposite Mon Jervois. So what’s the price difference between these two projects? Here’s a quick overview.

1-BEDROOM $1.13M $1.11M
2-BEDROOM $1.55M $1.52M
3-BEDROOM $2.52M $1.87M

In terms of the size of the apartments, Mon Jervois certainly has the edge. However, if you are just looking at the overall quantum, 38 Jervois certainly looks like a better deal. And don’t forget, it’s a freehold property!

Efficient and Flexible Layouts

Of course, many would feel that units at 38 Jervois are rather small for living. Honestly, we’ve seen even smaller ones.

As mentioned in some of my previous posts, I tend to believe that a well-designed layout will decide whether spaces within the apartment is being used efficiently or not.

At 38 Jervois, the layouts aren’t as simple as it seems – at least from how we see them.

Although it’s still subjected to confirmation from the structural engineers, looking at the 38 Jervois floor plans, some parts of the walls can be taken down. Here are some examples on how we will likely customize them.

38 Jervois Floor Plan New Launch 1-Bedroom

38 Jervois Floor Plan New Launch 3-Bedroom to Dual-Key

Of course, it’s just how we would imagine it to be. And if it’s do-able, it would be a fascinating apartment to live in. Especially in a land-scarce nation like Singapore, it’s really important to make use of every single inch of space which we can get.

For instance, the 1-bedroom unit has 2 bathrooms. At least you won’t be having your guest or friend stepping into your bedroom in order to use the bathroom. This is, in fact, the most common concern for those who owns a 1-bedroom apartment.

And if you think 818 square feet for 3-bedroom apartment is way too small (which we agree as well), there’s always an alternative to convert it into a proper 2-bedroom apartment, with 2 ensuites, and the ability to even partition it (renting out the common bedroom and you live in the bigger area of the apartment).

Final thoughts

As we’ve mentioned, 38 Jervois is not one of those massive condominiums where you will expect a huge crowd queuing up for – like what you see in a typical fish market. The property comes at a price – and definitely not something that majority of buyers can afford.

It’s like 4 years ago when we were advicing a couple of our clients on how rare RV Residences was – the opportunity to own a 999-year property in prime District 10 for less than S$1 million.

With the new launch market being almost saturated with 99-year leasehold projects and more coming up in the next few years, it certainly makes 38 Jervois something of a rare asset to own these days.

If you have been building up your property portfolio for a long time and appreciate true value, this is one piece of real estate which you should really consider adding on to your collection.

But if you are like any commoner out there who wants something near MRT or shopping mall (which is already becoming very competitive out there and oversupply), then honestly, 38 Jervois is not for you.

  • Location
  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value

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