Proclaimed as the “Nassim Residences" in the eastern region of Singapore, developers UOL Group and Kheng Leong look set to test the demand for high-end luxury condos within the precinct.


District 15 has been widely known as the “prime district of the East”.

Still, it will always be nothing but a second choice for the affluent class of homebuyers who still prefers the traditional prime districts of 9, 10, and 11.

However, developers UOL Group and Kheng Leong are set to change this long-established perspective with the introduction of Meyerhouse (former Nanak Mansions).

Meyerhouse Aerial View

Having already developed one of the most iconic luxury condominiums in Singapore, Nassim Park Residences, Meyerhouse has been marketed as an exact replica of that.

They call it “Nassim Residences of the East”. But is it a bit of a stretch and place it among some of the most luxurious residential homes in Singapore?

Let us take a look at the details to see if Meyerhouse is a good buy in the luxury condo market.

As always, I’ll provide my personal review at the end.

Meyerhouse Project Information

Here is a quick look at the Meyerhouse project information. It covers some of the technical specifications and attributes of this luxury condo along Meyer Road.

Project Name Meyerhouse
Address 128 Meyer Road, Singapore 437938
Type Condominium
Developer UOL Group Ltd and Kheng Leong Co Pte Ltd
Architect WOHA Architects
Tenure Freehold
Site area 109,630.26 sq ft
Total number of units 56
Number of blocks 1
Number of storeys 5
Expected TOP date Est. Q4 2021

Meyerhouse Developer

As mentioned above, Meyerhouse is developed by a joint-venture formed by UOL Group Ltd, together with Kheng Leong Co Pte Ltd.

In fact, both groups have a strong collaboration which saw them co-developed numerous residential projects over many years. Above all, Nassim Park Residences was one of them.

Nassim Park Residences by UOL
Nassim Park Residences by UOL Group & Kheng Leong

Some other projects include Avenue South Residence, Principal Garden, One North Residences, and Double Bay Residences, etc.

UOL Group

UOL Group is one of the leading and most well-known real estate developers in Singapore.

Founded in 1963, UOL Group has a wide range of business ventures that mainly revolves around the real estate industry.

They include managing and developing residential properties, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and hotels.

It’s worth noting that most of these projects are situated within the prime areas of Singapore.

Over the last couple of years, UOL Group has expanded its real estate business into many different countries, such as China and Malaysia.

In 2007, UOL acquired a 100 percent stake in Pan Pacific Hotels Group and later merged with its existing hotel brand, Parkroyal. The group now runs more than 30 hotels across the Asia-Oceania and North American regions.

Its most recent acquisition is a site in London that will allow UOL Group to develop a mixed hotel, residential, and retail project.

The Pan Pacific brand will manage it and run its operations.

Kheng Leong

Kheng Leong started off as a global spice trading and commodity firm in 1949. It is currently owned by the billionaire and businessman, Mr. Wee Cho Yaw, and his family.

Over the decades, the company has kept up with the evolving business landscape.

Hence, It has consequently matured as an investment group with active ventures in real estate development and investment.

Today, Kheng Leong has a flourishing portfolio that comprises a wide range of development and business projects.

For instance, it involves direct investments and collaborations with various strategic partners located across the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, as a private equity firm, Kheng Leong has also set up a base in Shanghai.

This will allow the group to seek out lucrative investment opportunities and to ride on the growth potential of China.

Meyerhouse Location

Meyerhouse is located at 128 Meyer Road, Singapore 437938, just right opposite The Makena condo and The Sovereign.

In terms of location, this new launch condo at Meyer Road, District 15 of Singapore is situated within a private residential enclave.

It is mainly surrounded by upmarket condominiums and landed houses (along Jalan Nuri and Crescent Road).

Meyerhouse Location

When you look at just the prior details, seriously, you can’t ask for a more premium location for high-end residential development in the East Coast area.

Therefore, if you are a big fan of exclusivity and privacy, the location of Meyerhouse has it all.

Other than that, here’s what the location of Meyerhouse has to offer.

Walking distance to Tanjong Katong MRT station

One of the key highlights of the Meyerhouse location would have to be its close proximity to the future Tanjong Katong MRT Station.

It will be operational at the latest by the year 2024.

The distance from Meyerhouse to Tanjong Katong MRT station is approximately 350 meters.

Hence, it will only require a short 4-minute walk to get there.

Meyerhouse Location Near Tanjong Katong MRT Station

Do note that the Tanjong Katong MRT station will be part of the new Thomson-East Coast MRT Line (TEL).

Hence when you get on board the train, commuting around Singapore would be an absolute breeze.

For instance, commuting to places such as the Marina Bay Financial District, the Central Business District, and Orchard Road will only require you a short 15 to 20 minutes’ train ride.

Most importantly, there are a total of 8 MRT interchanges along the TEL.

In other words, you will have a direct route to almost every location and a key node in Singapore.

Shopping malls and numerous amenities in the area

The Parkway Parade is the closest shopping complex to Meyerhouse. Although it may not be within walking distance, it is just one MRT stop away from Tanjong Katong MRT station.

Parkway Parade Shopping Mall
Parkway Parade Shopping Mall

It is one of the most established retail malls in Singapore.

Therefore, you will get to explore some of the most popular retail outlets & brands, electronics & home appliances stores, supermarkets (Cold Storage and Giant), and restaurants.

Moreover, there’s even a movie theatre within Parkway Parade. It is being operated by Cathay Cineplexes.

Meyerhouse is also located close to another nearby retail mall called i12 Katong.

i12 Katong near Meyerhouse
i12 Katong

Although it is relatively smaller as compared to Parkway Parade, the mall offers exquisite F&B options, a premium supermarket, a cinema (operated by Golden Village), and a couple of enrichment centers for children.

Therefore, it’s still a popular alternative among especially for residents who are living around the area.

Condo Design and Facilities

This development is ingeniously crafted by both RSD Architects and WOHA, and their design philosophy of blending lavish landscapes and architecture is evident in many aspects within.

Hence, the biggest draw for Meyerhouse would definitely have to be its intricate, impeccable, and contemporary architecture design. It is certainly a great exemplar of living space being complemented with fine luxury.

Looking at Meyerhouse’s architecture, its C-shaped configuration will offer excellent privacy between each unit, while allowing residents to have unobstructed views of the lush and lavish central garden.

Meyerhouse Condo by UOL Group

The external façade of the condo is designed using WOHA’s bespoke GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete).

Not only it gives MeyerHouse a stately and elegant façade, but it will also act as an additional sunshade for the residences.

In order to allow residents to enjoy their balcony spaces, Venetian-styled and motorized roller blinds will be installed to shield them from the heat during hotter days.

On top of the high-end fittings and finishes within the apartment units, the dedicated private lift was one of the provisions that really took my breath away.

If you’ve seen some of the most luxurious homes, it’s pretty common for them to have a private lift lobby that directly opens up to their units.

However, at Meyerhouse, private lifts are being dedicated to the units. In other words, one lift for one unit, and hence, you won’t be sharing lift access with any of your neighbors.

This certainly takes luxury living to the next level!

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Meyerhouse Floor Plan and Unit Types

Meyerhouse has 56 units in total – within one single 5-storey residential block. It is expected to receive its TOP by the 4th quarter of 2021.

It comprises mainly larger units types from 3-Bedroom and 4-Bedroom units. It’s also worth mentioning that all units (except for 3-Bedroom) will come with dedicated car parking lots.

Here is the Meyerhouse floor plan for each apartment unit type.

  • 3-Bedroom
  • 4-Bedroom
  • 4-Bedroom + Family Penthouse

Meyerhouse Price Guide

The following table gives you an overview of the Meyerhouse price indication for each unit type (as of 17 December 2019).

Unit Type Size List Price Price After Discount PSF Actual Savings
3-Bedroom 1,873 sqft $5.168m $4.561m $2,435 $607,000
3-Bedroom (PES) 1,873 sqft $5.384m $4.734m $2,528 $650,000
4-Bedroom 2,896 sqft $7.411m $7.172m $2,477 $239,000
4-Bedroom (PES) 3,240 sqft $7.998m $7.617m $2,351 $381,000
4-Bedroom + Family Penthouse 5,662 sqft $14.4m $13.52m $2,388 $880,000

However, please take note that the price guide above is subject to further changes and discounts (if any).

Hence, do feel free to send me a message or contact me directly at (+65) 6631-8384 for more updates on the Meyerhouse price and unit availability.

Meyerhouse Showflat Location

The Meyerhouse showflat is not located on the exact site of the condominium.

Instead, it is located along Kampong Arang Road, just adjacent to Dunman High School and diagonally across the Singapore Swimming Club.

Meyerhouse Showflat Location

In the Meyerhouse showflat, you will get to see a mock-up of a 4-Bedroom unit (Type 4A4). The show unit size is 2,971 square feet.

Here are some pictures of the showflat for your reference. (Photo credit: SRI)

The showflat is only opened based on an appointment basis.

Therefore, if you would like to view the Meyerhouse condo, do send me a message via the form below or contact me directly at (+65) 6631-8384 to make an appointment. I’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

Meyerhouse Review

Let’s face it, land is scarce in Singapore. Hence, it’s almost inevitable that homes are getting smaller and the per square foot (psf) prices for homes are rising.

If you were to look at the newer luxury condos in Singapore these days, you will rarely find a unit that’s more than 2,000 square feet – even for a 4-bedroom.

Unfortunately, that’s the ‘strategy’ that almost all property developers are adopting these days.

Back in 2018, luxury real estate developer SC Global mentioned that times are changing and specifically highlighted that “space was luxury then, small is the trend now”.

To put that from an R.O.I standpoint, smaller units mean lower in the overall price and thus easier & faster to sell for a developer.

Moreover, with the 5-year ABSD deadline stipulated by the government, developers will only have 5 years to finish selling every single unit in a project. Otherwise, they will be subjected to a hefty stamp duty charge.

But this didn’t deter UOL Group and Kheng Leong from developing Meyerhouse in this manner.

Based on reports, this former Nanak Mansions site could easily yield 203 units (with an average size of 700 sq ft per unit). However, UOL Group and Kheng Leong decided to build bigger luxury homes and only 56 in total instead.

And honestly, Meyerhouse screams luxury throughout. Here’s why.

Dedicated Parking Lots

For drivers, it’s always nice to have your very own parking space.

In Singapore, most condominiums will generally provide a parking label for the resident – which literally means you are given a parking lot within the compound.

However, it still gets pretty frustrating to know that the parking spaces closest to your residential block are full and you have to park at the next block with an empty lot.

And to make things worse, just imagine that you have tons of stuff (such as groceries) to bring up to your apartment.

At Meyerhouse, that would never be a problem.

If you are getting a 4-bedroom (or bigger) unit, you will be delighted to know that you will have your very own parking space demarcated. It will be just right next to the lift lobby which has direct access to your apartment.

Legally, the parking space belongs to you as part of your strata title and therefore it is your personal private property.

An absolute and legitimately private lift access

Again, it’s very common to find some condo units in Singapore having private lift access.

It is almost a ‘must-have’ feature for most high-end condos, although we are seeing such a feature being offered in some mid-range condos as well.

While it sounds really cool and luxurious to have private lift access, the truth is that your privacy ends at the lift lobby.

In other words, the lift is still a common property and chances are that you will start meeting your neighbors or strangers in the lift.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but some people (especially the high net-worth individuals or celebrities) would like to have that option in life in choosing when and who they want to meet.

Thus, for the first time in Singapore, Meyerhouse will be providing a dedicated private lift lobby and access for all its units. There are 56 units in total, hence, there will be 56 lifts allocated.

Now that’s really the epitome of private and exclusive living!

So, is the price fair for Meyerhouse?

Whether you are an affluent homebuyer or not, price always matters when comes to buying a property.

In order to make this clean and simple to understand, let us compare the pricing of Meyerhouse with some other prominent nearby condos or apartments that were launched earlier.

Project Name Tenure Type Average PSF
Amber Park Freehold Condominium $2,479
Meyer Mansion Freehold Apartment $2,765
Nyon Freehold Apartment $2,181
Coastline Residences Freehold Apartment $2,659
One Meyer Freehold Apartment $2,685
Meyerhouse Freehold Condominium $2,673

As you can see, Meyerhouse isn’t overpriced at all.

Judging on the per square foot price, you are paying almost a similar amount for strata living space within the area.

Yes, in terms of overall quantum, it’s considerably higher than the rest.

But that’s because the amount of space which you’re getting at Meyerhouse is so much more as compared to the rest.

In all fairness, with all the discounts, I really think Meyerhouse is being priced realistically and pretty much in line with the rest.

Final word

For most Singapore citizens, it would be an obvious choice to go for a landed property if you have $7 million to $8 million to spend on real estate.

And honestly, you can find some really good ones within the precinct selling at that price range.

But then again, it’s not the case for everyone.

I do know a few clients and friends who are Singapore citizens that don’t like the idea of living in a landed property.

It’s mainly due to the amount of maintenance that needs to be done by homeowners themselves. And the thought of other issues such as pests and potential leaks & cracks simply turns them off.

Thus, Meyerhouse is probably the next best thing after a landed home within the East Coast precinct.

Nassim in the East Coast Condo Review

The fact is, the rich still want space, privacy, and exclusivity – and Meyerhouse offers every aspect of these.

Such large-format private homes are something that has been missing in the East Coast area for many years.

Trust me, you will never find any apartments this big that were built within the last 10 years (at least).

The only few things that I could really pick on would be the traffic (during peak hours) along Meyer Road and the condo’s proximity to amenities.

But honestly, this should be the least of concerns if you are an affluent homebuyer.

In conclusion, if you are an upmarket condo-lover and appreciate the offerings of large living spaces, privacy, and exclusivity, you should really consider buying Meyerhouse.

Till this point, I dare to say that this is the only condominium in District 15 that can rival those in the prime districts of 9, 10, and 11.


Meyerhouse Rating
Epitome of Luxury Living!
  • Location
  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value
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