Grandeur Park Residences


The property arm of Chip Eng Seng Corporation – CEL Development’s latest project, Grandeur Park Residences, is all set to inspire the Singapore property market with a concept of luxury wellness within the new launch condo project.

The renowned developer, who has successfully delivered refined projects in the past (the most significant one being High Park Residences in 2016), has announced the development of the new project on a land parcel (more than 24,000 sq m) that sits along Bedok South Avenue 3 – just next to the Tanah Merah MRT Station.

Grandeur Park Residences at Tanah Merah Facade

From the looks of it, the location is one thing you can sit back and relax about.

Apart from its proximity to the MRT station, the Grandeur Park Residences condo will also be spacious and inviting, with the top floors getting a bird’s eye view of the neighborhood.

The project is expected to be launched by the end of Feb 2017 and will be expected to receive its Temporary Occupation Permit by 31 March 2021.

Grandeur Park Residences Location

Living in this new development means you wouldn’t have to go far away to meet any of your needs or requirements.

Be it a shopping mart or a renowned local gourmet, everything is just a stone’s throw away from the housing unit.

Grandeur Park Residences Site Location

Apart from the famous Bedok market & food center, Bedok Mall, and a short drive to the Singapore Expo, there are numerous schools in the area, so you can safely pin this private residential project also as a great option if you have school-going children.

The educational institutes range from schools namely the Anglican High School, Bedok Green Primary School, and Changkat Changi Secondary School to universities like Temasek Polytechnic, Temasek Junior College, Singapore University of Technology and Design, etc.

Grandeur Park Residences Location

The development is not far away from leisure activities. In fact, it is close to the beaches of East Coast Park, which means quieter evenings spent nearby. And why wouldn’t kids love it?

The given connectivity by the close proximity to Tanah Merah MRT Station is simply the biggest highlight of them all.

Not only it provides residents direct train access to places like the Changi Business Park (CBP), and the Changi Airport, and also a route to the Central Business District (CBD) in just less than 10 MRT stops.

Grandeur Park Residences Condo Facilities

While looking for a home or just an investment property, one usually considers its surrounding areas and the amenities provided as such.

Well, in the case of this new Tanah Merah condo, you have nothing to worry about – seriously.

Within the condo itself, you will find plenty of condo facilities inspired by luxury wellness living, including a 3-generation gymnasium for families which caters to young children, grown-up adults, and the elderly.

Grandeur Park Residences Condo Facilities.jpg

Outside the family gym, residents will also be able to find a pool for aqua-aerobic and aqua gym.

On top of that, another highlight will be the Himalayan Salt Room – filled up with minerals (evaporated), serving both anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

The developer CEL Development has also partnered up with Amore Fitness to allow residents who sign up as Grandeur Club members to enjoy 1-year free access to fitness classes.

For the young ones, not only a childcare center will be featured in the development, but complimentary lessons such as violin and guitar will also be made available for them at the Grandeur Park Residences condo and will be conducted by an external source.

A number of entertainment facilities nearby ensure that you can sit back and spend quality time with your loved ones over the weekends.

Each condo unit’s corner has been designed for an effective layout and one can expect nothing less than excellent finishes.

All units in will be fully equipped with Smart Home functionalities and capabilities, such as digital biometric lock sets and motion sensors.

Residents can also opt to have remote air-conditioning and lighting controls to be added.

The new launch condo does seem like a one-stop solution for those looking for palatial residences well connected to the heart of Singapore through the MRT.

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan & Unit Types

The condominium will comprise of 720 residential units – ranging from 1-bedroom to 5-bedroom apartments, across 6 blocks of up to 15 floors high, which would cater to the needs of people with different sensibilities.

You may refer to the Grandeur Park Residences floor plan and typical unit types here:

  • 1-BR units sized at approximately 420 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 1-Bedroom 420

  • 1-BR + Study units ranging from 452 to 474 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 1-Bedroom Study 452

  • 2-BR Compact units ranging from 549 to 581 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 2-Bedroom Compact 560

  • 2-BR Deluxe units ranging from 592 to 624 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 2-Bedroom Deluxe 592

  • 2-BR + Study units sized at 667 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 2-Bedroom Study 667

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  • 3-BR Compact units ranging from  883 to 893 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 3-Bedroom Compact 883

  • 3-BR Deluxe units ranging from 969 to 980 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 3-Bedroom Deluxe 980

  • 4-BR Compact units sized at 1,130 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 4-Bedroom Compact 1130

  • 4-BR Deluxe units sized at 1,238 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 4-Bedroom Deluxe 1238

  • 4-BR Premium units ranging from 1238 to 1259 sq ft
  • 4-BR (w/ Private Lift Lobby Access) units ranging from 1259 to 1270 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 4-Bedroom Premium 1270

  • 5-BR Premium (w/ Private Lift Lobby Access) units sized at 1453 sq ft

Grandeur Park Residences Floor Plan 5-Bedroom Premium 1453

Grandeur Park Residences Price Guide

Based on the initial launch, the Grandeur Park Residences price indication starts from above S$500,000 for a 1-bedroom unit, while the bigger unit types (4/5-bedroom units) start from S$1.4 million.

As of 04 November 2019, there are only 14 units left at Grandeur Park Residences and they are all 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom units. For those who are into bigger unit types, these units do seem to be ideal choices.

Here is the price list for the remaining units.

Unit Type Size Indicative Pricing PSF Price
4-Bedroom Deluxe 1,238 sqft $1.926 million $1,556
4-Bedroom (with Private Lift) 1,270 sqft FULLY SOLD
5-Bedroom 1,453 sqft $2.127 million $1,464

For more information on pricing, do check with us at (+65) 6631-8384.

Grandeur Park Residences Showflat

The Grandeur Park Residences showflat has already been torn down to make way for the construction of the condominium.

As the project is due for completion by 2021, you can check with us by filling up the form below or just give us a call at (+65) 9786-3707 if you are keen to arrange for a viewing on-site.

Grandeur Park Residences Review

Including this upcoming condo launch, the property market has already witnessed a total of 4 new launches within the last 5 years – Eco, Urban Vista, and The Glades. It’s almost like 1 project launch every year.

The draw was pretty much been the same for these condos and sadly nothing much has changed – especially in the sales pitch from the property developers.

I suppose they are all using the same sales copy since Optima @ Tanah Merah (which was completed in 2012).

Optima at Tanah Merah
Optima at Tanah Merah

So how does Grandeur Park Residences differentiate itself from its neighbors which are still relatively new?

Let’s look at the “offerings” in terms of the sizes of the units:

ECO 549 to 667 581 to 980 1012 to 1270 N.A N.A
URBAN VISTA 431 to 441 560 to 710 807 to 926 1044 to 1109 N.A
THE GLADES 452 to 506 570 to 914 840 to 1248 1281 to 1680 N.A
GRANDEUR PARK RESIDENCES 420 to 474 549 to 667 883 to 980 1130 to 1270 1453

** Measurement unit is in square feet. Source: SRX, Google

From the above table, it seems like these condos share pretty much the same attributes – not just being near Tanah Merah MRT Station, but the unit sizes have remained “unchanged”.

Buyers are practically being offered a similar product that existed 4-5 years ago.

So if you’ve been a big fan of the area and for some reason, you’ve missed out on the earlier launches, then it’s probably a good time for you to consider this newer one

Then again, has the price changed? With the current market conditions, we are hoping for some mouth-watering “discounts”, aren’t we?

Let’s look at the average PSF for each of these developments during their launch period:

ECO 99-YEAR from 2012 748 1,329
URBAN VISTA 99-YEAR from 2012 582 1,454
THE GLADES 99-YEAR from 2013 726 1,435
GRANDEUR PARK RESIDENCES 99-YEAR from 2016 720 ~1,350

** Numbers are based on the total number of new sale transactions lodged. Source: SquareFootResearch

Based on earlier reports, the developer did mention that Grandeur Park Residences will be selling at an average of S$1,350 psf.

If that’s really the case, then it will be a pretty good deal as compared to the earlier launches, in particular, Urban Vista and The Glades. This should make some of those property owners really upset over their purchases.

Other than price, the blend of luxury wellness lifestyles should offer a high-quality living experience at this new launch.

Something that you don’t find in the other nearby condos.

However, if you’ve been shopping around, you will know that even at S$1,350 psf (average), it will still be a steep price tag for its location as you are able to get something nearer to the city and yet being close proximity to an MRT station.

I was seriously hoping for a $1,250 psf average which should make more money sense and lesser risk as an investment.

Thus, if you have been a long-time dweller in the eastern part of Singapore, Grandeur Park Residences does have its own charm and attraction in terms of price point and offerings.

But if you are willing to look out of the region, you may find even better deals.

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