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Chic and modern apartment units located in the heart of Orchard


When we first saw 8 Hullet, we immediately felt that it’s really nothing like any other launches which we’ve seen within Orchard in a long time.

Over the last 2 years, we’ve seen major condominiums being launched in the Orchard precinct – one of Singapore’s most highly sought after locations for high-end residential homes.

We are referring to those really big ones with huge apartment sizes, luxurious communal swimming pools, and clubhouses.

Some of them include the likes of New Futura, 8 Saint Thomas, and Cairnhill Nine. Even some of its newer neighboring condos such as Urban Suites, Urban Resort Condominium, and The Laurels are also the few well-known luxury condo projects within the area.

Despite being relatively smaller in scale, there’s still a lot of to like about 8 Hullet. Here are the details of 8 Hullet and our thoughts about it.

8 Hullet Developer

8 Hullet is being developed by a consortium named Hullet Development Pte Ltd – led by Lian Huat Group‘s Mr. Patrick Kho.

In fact, the group started out as a trading firm for nutmeg and mace in 1957 and later on developed itself to become a prominent international figure in the spice trade.

Just 8 years later in 1965, Lian Huat Group set foot into the real estate industry as it attempted to leverage on Singapore’s expeditious urban development,

Just within a single year in 1987, Lian Huat Group had invested in approximately 650,000 square feet (sqft) of real estate space – in the prime residential, commercial and industrials sectors. They have also invested in some shophouses which are under conservation.

Some of Lian Huat’s residential projects in Singapore include the likes of One Dusun Residences, Macpherson Mall, The Domain and The Inn at Temple Street.

In November 2016, Lian Huat Group acquired a 10-storey apartment block along 8 Hullet Road, which comprises of 18 units for $38.2 million (or $2,073 psf). This 8 Hullet Road en bloc will be today’s 8 Hullet condo.

The Group later on expanded its real estate business to property markets in other countries such as Australia (mainly in Sydney) and China.

8 Hullet Location

As the condo name speaks for itself, 8 Hullet is located at 8 Hullet Road, Singapore 229160. It is practically situated in the heart of the Orchard shopping district – just next to the tranquil and serene heritage and conservation enclave of Emerald Hill.

8 Hullet Location

Shopping malls nearby

It’s no secret that Orchard is probably Singapore’s most exclusive and biggest shopping district. Hence, you really couldn’t ask for a better address when comes to buying a home or investing in a property.

One of the most sophisticated shopping malls near 8 Hullet is 313@Somerset, which is also sitting just above Somerset MRT station.

Over at 313@ Somerset, you do not have to look too far for dining options. From getting your daily coffee fix to filling up your tummies, you will find everything you need in one single mall.

8 Hullet Condo at Orchard Road

There’s a reason why this is one of the best shopping malls along Orchard Road. At 313@Somerset, you will also be able to get your retail therapy done as it houses some of the biggest retail brands in the world.

Another popular shopping mall (especially among the affluent class) nearby is Paragon, which is just less than 5minutes’ walk away. Over there, you will get to immerse yourself in a wide range of famous luxury brands for bags, watches, and apparel, etc.

Paragon Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Hospital

Singapore has an excellent reputation for being known as one of the top destinations within Asia for medical tourism.

Despite medical care here is significantly more expensive as compared to other countries such as Thailand or India, it is still 50% or cheaper than some of the western countries.

Paragon Medical Centre
Paragon Medical Centre

Paragon Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Hospital are some of the most popular spots for the rich & affluent class who are seeking professional medical treatments – mainly from Indonesia and China. They usually house some of the top surgeons and doctors in Singapore.

For those who are bound for long-term medical treatment, the location of 8 Hullet couldn’t be any better as both Paragon Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Hospital are just a short walk away.

Prestigious International Schools

The surroundings of 8 Hullet location is not just about luxury shopping & dining experiences and extravagant medical care. It also takes care of family needs, especially for those with school-going children.

A few of the top primary schools which are within 1km to 8 Hullet are Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) and St. Margaret’s Primary School. Being this close, your child will practically have one foot in the school as priority will usually be given to homeowners who live within the 1-km radius from the school.

For international students, the Chatsworth International School is simply just next to 8 Hullet condo, and the International School Singapore (ISS) and Overseas Family School (OFS) are also within close proximity within the Orchard precinct.

8 Hullet Condo Facilities

Despite having a relatively small plot size, 8 Hullet facilities are still comprehensive enough to offer you the luxury lifestyle which you deserve.

It is practically an exclusive retreat which rises from a lush flourishing garden that actually serves as an area for relaxation with a touch of serenity. The ingenious architecture of 8 Hullet sits among the Orchard Road’s scenic skylines with moments of elegance under the night skies.

As you walk into 8 Hullet, you will be greeted by lush greenery features together with exquisite calmness. From the exterior, it certainly gives you that glitz and glamour feel of living in the city.

8 Hullet Condo at Entrance

For an apartment or condo in Orchard, you will expect top-of-the-line facilities. And yes, 8 Hullet has fulfilled that aspect.

Not only it has a well-sized swimming pool and a fairly sized gymnasium, but you will also find other essential facilities such as BBQ pits, kid’s pool and a meditation lawn for the residents at 8 Hullet.

After all, it is not a development meant for big families, so in terms of facilities, it’s probably unnecessary to have anything that’s too overwhelming or loud.

Unlike some other residential developments of the same scale, at least 8 Hullet has provided proper and ample car parking lots for its residents.

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There was a time when developers tried to maximize their profits by sacrificing carpark spaces and use mechanical car parking systems in exchange for building more residential units within their projects. Thank goodness it’s not the case for 8 Hullet.

8 Hullet Condo Floor Plan and Unit Types

8 Hullet comprises a single 12-storey residential block with a total of 44 units and it is sitting on a land area of 10,773 square feet. Its expected T.O.P date is by the end of November 2021.

The development consists of only 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom units – which is well-suited for the modern singles, couples or even small families who love living with the city center of Singapore.

8 Hullet Condo Developer Sales

The best part is that all units will come with their individual private lift access. Now that’s luxury!

Here are the 8 Hullet condo floor plan for each unit type.

  • 1-Bedroom (538 sqft)

8 Hullet Condo Floor Plan 1-Bedroom 538 sqft

  • 2-Bedroom (657 – 797 sqft)

8 Hullet Showflat

The 8 Hullet showflat has already been torn to make way for the construction of the development. However, it’s possible that the developer may build a showflat using an actual unit as it approached TOP.

8 Hullet Showflat Impressions

It will probably be much better as you can have better visualization and feel of the property itself.

If you are interested, do give us a call at (+65) 6631-8384 or drop us a note using the form below and we’ll contact you soon.

8 Hullet Price Guide

As of 18 December 2019, the following table shows the 8 Hullet price for each unit type. There are only 7 units left for sale.

Unit Type Size Price
1-Bedroom 538 sqft from $1.9 million
2-Bedroom 797 sqft from $2.76 million

However, do note that the price list is subjected to changes. So, please feel free to check with us on the latest pricing using the form below.

8 Hullet Review

One of the best locations in Singapore

First all, the location of 8 Hullet couldn’t get any better.

You are literally living in Orchard – the biggest and most popular shopping district in Singapore for the last couple of decades, so what more can you really ask for in terms of the location of your residence.

All your needs in life are simply just a short walk away – from daily necessities to transport options, living at 8 Hullet has practically everything being taken care of.

Around the area, you have mega shopping malls such as 313@Somerset, Ngee Ann City, Paragon and even ION Orchard.

These are popular malls in Singapore which most people take up to an hour to travel to, whereas it only takes a few minutes’ walks for you to reach from 8 Hullet.

Layout efficiency and private lift access

The next thing that we really like about 8 Hullet is the layout of the units. We were really surprised by the amount of space we’re actually getting as compared to the number of square feet specified on the 8 Hullet brochure.

Just look at the floor plan for each unit type and you realize that the layouts are so efficient; hardly any wastage of space.

The living hall and bedrooms look spacious enough (for a relatively small unit type) that you can put in decent-sized furniture. If you’ve seen enough ‘mickey mouse’ or shoebox apartments, you will get what we mean.

Apart from the layouts, the private lift access within each unit is indeed the icing on the cake. It really brings out that touch of exclusivity, privacy, and luxury – even for apartment units of these sizes.

But surely there are some flaws and drawbacks when buying a property at 8 Hullet?

Bad traffic conditions

Honestly, there isn’t much to dislike about 8 Hullet except for the fact that the traffic can get a little heavy along Cairnhill Road during peak hours or weekends. Well, being one of the shopping hotspots in Singapore, we can understand why. But if you’re not driving, it shouldn’t bother you too much.

A little overpriced …

Now, let’s talk about money. Is 8 Hullet being priced fairly based on the current market?

If you were to refer to the 8 Hullet price indicated above, the per square foot (psf) price will work out to be around $3,468 to $3,517. Here’s a quick comparison with the nearby new launch condos in the prime districts based on the average psf price of transactions during the last 6 months (by the end of January 2019).

Project Name Tenure No. of Transactions Average PSF
New Futura Freehold 24 $3,652
8 Hullet Freehold 9 $3,487
8 Saint Thomas Freehold 47 $3,242
120 Grange Freehold 4 $3,207
One Draycott Freehold 1 $3,196
RV Altitude Freehold 21 $2,905

As the table shows, 8 Hullet is being priced just slightly lower than its Orchard counterpart, New Futura (except it is a much bigger development in terms of scale).

By looking at the price alone, we feel that 8 Hullet is lacking a couple of luxury factors that command that kind of psf price. In this case, we would rather go for 8 Saint Thomas (a full-fledged condominium) which still not very far to Somerset MRT station and 313@Somerset.

Such luxury condos garner more interest and demand to homebuyers, especially high net-worth individuals. In short – the higher the demand, the more likely that prices will hold up or even appreciate it. You can see the most expensive condo units ever sold in Singapore to-date. They are usually condominiums on a bigger scale.

But if the location, address, efficient layouts, and low-density living are at the top of your list, then 8 Hullet will really be a no-brainer.

Modern living at its Best!
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  • Transport Links
  • Amenities
  • Interior
  • Value

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