‘One-tier’ pricing for early purchasers of Parc Riviera


In order to entice property buyers to commit on purchasing a unit at Parc Riviera, developer EL Development will introducing a one-tier price scheme exclusively for its new launch condo in West Coast.

In short, unit prices of the similar type will be same regardless which level the unit is on.

For instance, a 2-bedroom (603 sqft) will be priced at S$725,000 for levels from the 2nd to the 15th storey. Even if a buyer purchases the same unit on the 9th floor, the price will still be the same.

Parc Riviera Condo Facade

This is an uncommon sales strategy as units situated on higher levels are typically priced higher, with a premium for a possible panoramic view of the surroundings.

However, it was noted that units above the 15th storey will be priced higher – with a minimum of 5% price difference.

At Parc Riviera, buyers are being offered a wide range of unit types across the 35-storey condo – from a 1-bedroom (463-sqft) to its largest 4-bedroom unit (1,711-sqft).

EL Development has mentioned that the sales strategy is to allow property buyers to reap maximum benefits and the price scheme will only be available during the project’s soft launch on the coming Saturday.

Parc Riviera Condo Dropoff

Market watchers are expecting this strategy to draw great interest from home buyers as it gives a huge incentive and real savings to those who can decide early on their purchase.

Then again, some have shown concern over units on the lower level at Parc Riviera as they will be presented as least attractive options in terms of pricing, and they could remain on the shelves for a while.

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