URA Draft Master Plan 2019: Rejuvenating familiar spaces

Establishing new towns and preserving older estates will be the key drivers to a better nation


More homes have been planned for mature estates, such as Farrer Park and Dakota Crescent. Almost 10,000 new dwelling units are also projected in the Bayshore area and it’s the latest in a series of efforts by the government to rejuvenate familiar places.

The draft master plan also revealed how the Greater Southern Waterfront will be developed and what the space occupied by Paya Lebar Air Base could look like once it’s moved out from 2030.

It was noted that the Pasir Panjang power station, the 2nd power station built in Singapore and functioned till 1997. But the over 60-year old structure will see better days.

It’s set to become part of the Pasir Panjang power district, a new heritage and lifestyle destination in the Greater Southern Waterfront.

Envisioned as the Southern Gateway of Asia development works will begin over the next 5-10 years on the nearly 2,000 hectare area which spans the southern coastline from Pasir Panjang to Gardens Bay East.

The power district will be connected to the rest of the waterfront area via a new park. Meanwhile, the Keppel Club site will be redeveloped for housing when its lease expires in 2021.

Over in the east, another 800 hectares of land will be freed up when Paya Lebar Air Base has relocated from 2030.

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For the first time, ideas for a new residential town were released. It includes turning it into a commercial hub with amenities and enhances transport connectivity across nearby towns. And there are plans to also retain its aviation heritage by repurposing former airport buildings and parts of the runway into community spaces.

The master plan also gives mature estates a new lease of life. Future housing and amenities are in the pipeline for some with due regard given to the heritage.

At Dakota Crescent, six old Singapore Improvement Trust blocks will be fashioned into community space to rejuvenate the place. While at Farrer Park, the iconic Farrer Park swimming complex and old boxing gymnasium will be preserved to honor the area’s sporting heritage.

The National Development minister, Mr. Lawrence Wong said that coming out with the improved master plan is not simply a case of adding new buildings.

He believes that the country’s natural and built heritage are key elements for the urban development plans; this is how Singapore can be an innovative and modern city with lavish green spaces and rich historical values.

And familiar places like the 24 kilometer Rail Corridor will also be fully linked up by 2021. Estates along it such as Queenstown and Buona Vista will be progressively rejuvenated.

The Rail Corridor is linked to the 50 kilometer Greater Rustic Coast in the north. It’s a green belt that connects Sungei Buloh wetland reserve to Pasir Ris Park, and it’s all part of the nation’s goal of giving over 90% of households a park within walking distance.

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