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Office or retail spaces in Singapore’s Central Business District (CBD) is probably one of the rarest asset class to own in this metropolis, for any investors or business owners. Oxley Tower simply presented itself as an exceptional investment option, for prospects to own a freehold commercial space in the heart of the CBD.

Oxley Tower Robinson Road Office Facade

Here’s a quick fact (a well-known one) – almost half of the Top 10 wealthiest people in Singapore have made billions from the real estate sector. And in a country where land is scarce, investing in property has been proven to pay off quite handsomely for most of them.

And unlike the residential property segment, buyers need not pay additional taxes (the Additional Buyers’ Stamp Duty in particular) for commercial properties in Singapore, which makes it an even more attractive option for real estate investment.

So what does Oxley Tower has to offer? Let’s dig deep into it!

Oxley Tower Location

Oxley Tower is located in practically into the heart of CBD of Singapore, at 138 Robinson Road, and it’s definitely one of busiest stretch with high-foot traffic – at the intersection of Robinson Road and McCallum Street.

Oxley Tower Location Robinson Road Map

The strategic position allows you to establish your business at Oxley Tower like no other, offering you the best of everything and because of its central location, convenience and accessibility are simply at your doorstep.

In order to enhance convenience, there will be a pedestrian bridge being linked at the 2nd storey to the building next door – across McCallum Street.

Occupants or tenants at Oxley Tower are also within close proximity to some of the most renowned food centres in the district, such as Amoy Street Food Court and Lau Pa Sat food centre.

In terms of connectively, it is just within 5 minutes’ walk to either Tanjong Pagar MRT Station and the new Downtown MRT Station. In future, it will be also served by Shenton Way MRT Station – which is just down the McCallum Street towards Park Street.

Oxley Tower Floor Plan & Unit Types

Oxley Tower is a 32-storey commercial building, consists 3 levels of retail, entertainment, and F&B spaces, and a 29-storey office tower. In total, it comprises 237 units – with 104 office units, 121 retail shops, 3 restaurants, 8 cafes and 1 Gym.

Oxley Tower Robinson Road Retail Shops

It has been indicated that the cafes are only catered for Category II and Category III usage and a kitchen exhaust will not be provided or installed in the unit. As for the restaurant spaces, town gas tap-off will be provided for the operators.

Here is a breakdown of the units at Oxley Tower:

Floor Level Type No. of Units Size Range
1st Storey Cafes 8 37 – 75 sq m
2nd Storey Shops 57 11 – 38 sq m
3rd Storey Shops 54 11 – 34 sq m
4th Storey Gym 1 675 sq m
4th Storey Restaurant 1 686 sq m
5th to 18th Storey
21st to 31st Storey
Offices 100 88 – 125 sq m
19th and 20th Storey Restaurant 2 281 and 283 sq m
32nd Storey N.A N.A N.A

On top of these, Oxley Tower will also have 3 levels of basement parking, consisting of 60 car parking lots and 2 handicapped lots.

The following is a collection of the Oxley Tower floor plan of the retail and F&B podium  – from the 1st to 4th floor.

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  • 1st Storey (8 Cafes)

Oxley Tower Floor Plan 1st Floor

  • 2nd Storey (57 Shops)

Oxley Tower Floor Plan 2nd Floor

  • 3rd Storey (54 Shops)

Oxley Tower Floor Plan 3rd Floor

  • 4th Storey (1 Gym and 1 Restaurant)

Oxley Tower Floor Plan 4th Floor

Oxley Tower Review

Oxley Tower’s architecture is indeed a masterpiece of its own class. When night falls, the building will illuminate, enhancing the liveliness and vibrancy along the street and capture passersby attention.

Apart from its stunning appearance, it does offer SMEs or start-ups to gain a foothold in the Central Business District of Singapore –  at a very affordable price.

But of course, that’s if you are purchasing for your own consumption or renting it out, the branding of the location would be absolutely the top priority.

What about from an investor point of view?

First of all, here is an idea of Oxley Tower’s price point and you can see that “sub sales” or “flipping” had already taken place before the project was completed.

27-Mar-17 138 ROBINSON ROAD #02-03 SHOP RESALE 194 6,452 1,250,000
17-Oct-16 138 ROBINSON ROAD #02-35 SHOP SUB SALE 151 7,167 1,080,000
4-Oct-16 138 ROBINSON ROAD #22-04 OFFICE SUB SALE 1,173 2,727 3,200,000
15-Apr-16 138 ROBINSON ROAD #15-02 OFFICE SUB SALE 1,216 3,159 3,842,600
22-Mar-16 138 ROBINSON ROAD #02-09 SHOP NEW SALE 183 4,809 880,000
17-Nov-15 138 ROBINSON ROAD #03-35 SHOP SUB SALE 194 4,903 950,000
21-Nov-14 138 ROBINSON ROAD #02-50 SHOP SUB SALE 118 7,010 830,000
9-Oct-14 138 ROBINSON ROAD #15-02 OFFICE NEW SALE 1,216 3,700 4,500,000

In our opinion, Oxley Tower does present itself as a rare investment opportunity in today’s property market. Most of the commercial buildings in the area, especially Grade A offices are mostly owned and leased out by the property developers themselves.

Their tenants are mostly big corporations, MNCs who have the financial muscles to take up these units at sky-rocket rental rates.

As an investor for Oxley Tower, you will definitely have your own pool of potential tenants to work with and will definitely appeal to smaller companies as they are relatively cheaper than those mega office towers in the CBD. The demand will certainly be there.

Also, the chance to own freehold commercial property at Robinson Road is simply hard to come by. The tenure is truly the best attribute to your investment at Oxley Tower and we personally feel it’s indeed something which will have its value preserved for a very long time – especially with the ongoing plans of expanding the CBD, Marina Bay Financial District and the future waterfront city.

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